Two incidents in the Greater Atlanta area involved the potential of fire-induced chaos during the early morning hours of November 21.

Amazon truck crash

One accident occurred around 3 a.m. on Interstate 285 in Clayton County past the exit to Riverdale Road. There haven’t been too many details released, but officials have verified that an Amazon truck was involved in a crash. 

At this juncture, we aren’t privy to information about injuries or occupants. It’s also unclear as to what the Amazon truck may have been carrying, or whether the fire started after the crash took place.

Be that as it may, the scenario described earlier certainly comes into play, and puts drivers in an uneasy state of mind. Multiple eastbound lanes were closed as authorities responded to the accident.

Tractor-trailer spills fire logs on the highway

A few hours later, a tractor-trailer crashed on Georgia Route 316 at Hurricane Trail in Gwinnett County. The aftermath left boxes of fire logs dispersed all over the roadway. 

Video footage of the scene also appears to indicate that some of the logs may have caught fire. 

The back part of the trailer was cut almost all the way through according to surveillance review.

The pair of incidents is a great reminder to all drivers to maintain awareness of one’s surroundings, while also leaving ample room behind a vehicle to change course if something unexpected happens.

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