The lifeblood of many cities across the United States is the roadways that connect different parts of the area. Atlanta is certainly no exception in that regard, as our interstates are the conduit that allows us to get to Marietta, Decatur, Buckhead, and everywhere in between.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a warning alerting local Atlantans that Interstate 20 is the second most dangerous roadway in the country with 15.5 fatalities per 100 miles.

“If we’re not driving proper, if we’re not demonstrating the proper driving behavior, it could be a recipe for disaster, said AAA’s Garrett Townsend. Via

Some in the community aren’t at all surprised by NHTSA’s findings and actively try to avoid Interstate 20.

“I put some extra gas in my car and take the inner city,” said a woman identifying herself as Ms. Jackson. “I don’t go on the highway.” Via

There’s been no shortage of fatal and notable events on Interstate 20 recently and throughout the 2022 calendar year. In September, a multi-vehicle smash-up was caused by a driver who tried to escape a traffic stop. A fiery crash shut down an exit ramp on the interstate headed toward the Downtown Connector in October. 

In November, a large truck overturned during a downpour of rain dumped by Tropical Depression Nicole, which spilled fabric softener all over the roadway. Severe weather on an already treacherous stretch of road adds to the potential for serious accidents.


This is certainly an alarming revelation, and Rafi Law Firm thanks the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for highlighting the issues of roadways here in Atlanta and across the country.

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