Incidents that occur in the middle of the night can linger and slow things down before the AM rush.

This became apparent to anyone driving south on Interstate 85 heading to work on the morning of October 24. The highway was closed in that direction due to a three-car accident that happened several hours earlier, just north of Exit 61 for Highway 74 near Senoia Road.

The collision left residual debris on the road, which added to the delay of getting I-85 back up and running. According to media outlets, the accident was initially deemed a red alert.

Authorities confirmed that the crash involved two cars and a semi-truck. Two people were transported to a local hospital for treatment. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported.

It’s not known at this time which vehicles the injured parties were riding in, nor what the circumstances were that led up to the multi-vehicle crash. 

In addition to medical responders arriving at the scene of the incident, members of the Fairburn police department were also present. 

The community will continue to pay close attention to the developments of this case, such as whether the driver(s) were impaired at the time of the accident. 

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