A distressing incident occurred on November 6 when three vehicles were involved in a deadly crash on Ronald Reagan Parkway that took the life of one individual and left others injured.

The driver of one vehicle heading eastbound on Ronald Reagan Parkway sideswiped another eastbound-traveling vehicle, then traveled across the median and collided with a vehicle that was traveling westbound. 

This collision caused the driver of the car which crossed over the centerline to lose their life, while the driver of the vehicle heading west on Ronald Reagan Parkway is being treated at a local hospital for serious injuries. The driver died at the scene of the accident.

The driver of the westbound vehicle was transported to the hospital with serious injuries, and the driver who was sideswiped suffered only minor injuries. 

After the incident took place, all three cars were impounded so they can be examined more closely. 

The roadway was blocked for some time as law enforcement officials processed the incident, documented the scene, and cleared the affected lanes.

The way this particular accident unfolded is particularly upsetting, because the pinball effect of the two cars initially making contact caused a much larger problem. It’s unknown at this time why the initial two cars sideswiped one another, but this explanation will likely be available as the investigation ensues.

The professionals at Rafi Law Firm stand with the greater Atlanta community and hope that the death total arising from this car accident won’t increase. Our thoughts and prayers are with the driver’s friends and family, and we hope the other involved persons have a full recovery.

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