Anyone who exercises during the summer has to strategically pick and choose where they will exercise. The last few months have been especially hot throughout the country, so exercising outdoors must be done safely, which includes choosing a safe location.

Many people looking to break a sweat in July choose to do their routines in the early morning, before it gets too hot. This is likely what Bonnie Abraham-Mikami was thinking on July 13 when she went for a run.

Abraham-Mikami’s route took her near Old Alabama Road in Roswell where she was hit in the crosswalk by a Chevy truck around 9 a.m as it made a left turn. Abraham-Mikami suffered a laceration to the back of her skull, but sadly she died from her injuries.

Ronnie Harper was driving the truck that struck her and has been charged with second degree homicide. Harper is a firefighter with the Roswell fire department. Harper remained on scene after the incident and was cooperative with authorities.

It’s not clear if Harper had just left his job before the accident took place, but city officials have commented that he has been placed on administrative leave.

Abraham-Mikami is survived by her two sons, Jin and Kei. Her sister Rose has since painted a picture of what her sister was like before her death: “They [her sons] were her greatest joy and she devoted her life to them,” Rose Abraham wrote on a GoFundMe page. “She raised them and put them through college by working as a self-employed translator/re-writer, primarily focused on managing complex litigation cases which utilized her fluency in Japanese.”

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