Sandy Springs put a lot of time and effort into its diverging diamond arrangement, which helps connect the entrances and exits to Georgia Roadway 400. Its main purpose was to curtail the number of dangerous left turns that had been taking place in order to enter the roadway.

There’s a lot of logic that went into the design of the interchange, and the city thinks that it’s going to help the flow of traffic moving forward. However, drivers may not be used to the layout just yet, and authorities want people behind the wheel to drive cautiously as they get used to the new setup.

The Georgia Department Of Transportation describes the diverging diamond as one “that crossed traffic to the opposite side of the road across and interchange so vehicles have unimpeded movement onto the freeway ramps.” Via

This will be an important few weeks and months for the city, as it assesses how well the diverging diamond is working in Sandy Springs. The hope is that there is not a palpable spike in car accidents within the layout and that drivers who need to access Abernathy Road or other adjoining streets can do so in a safe and efficient manner.

If this goes well, it seems entirely possible that other divergent diamonds may be introduced in the area to help optimize the flow of traffic.

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