It’s something we do all of the time – run to the convenience store or pharmacy to pick up a few essentials. Retrieving medication, stocking up on dental supplies, or buying some of the newest makeup are just some of the endless possibilities that a CVS visit might offer. 

The only variation to the script might be whether a customer decides to pay for their purchases via the cashier or at self-checkout.

Things got a little bit more interesting for the patrons and employees at CVS one morning in Fayetteville. A Penske rental truck rammed through the wall of a CVS pharmacy located on North Glynn Street last week. 

Miraculously, no employees or customers present at the time of the collision were injured. The manager of the branch was trapped in her office after the accident but was able to exit unscathed with the assistance of emergency personnel.

However, 58-year-old Anthony Ornelas and 48-year-old Labrane Greene-West were taken to Grady Hospital for further examination. Ornelas was driving the rental truck and Greene-West was his passenger during the incident. 

According to reports, the chain of events all started when a Nissan Sentra, driven by 24-year-old Sean Obi, attempted to change lanes. The Sentra made contact with the Penske rental truck, which caused the latter to lose control, veer off of the road, and collide with the CVS.  

Although no one inside the pharmacy was hurt, the building itself took quite a beating. The interior drywall and the exterior wall were noticeably damaged. Somewhat surprisingly, it seemed like business as usual after the crash, according to one spectator who works at a nearby Papa John’s.

“I’m assuming it happened early morning because everyone was just standing around. I didn’t see anyone come out of the store,” said Denis Kavazovic. Via

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