We’re not sure if the event during the afternoon of April 1 will prominently be used as a perfect example of why everyone should have sufficient auto insurance, but the circumstances that led up to the incident were pretty out of the blue.

Six cars parked at 1281 Brockett Road caught fire after a tree fell into a power pole. This initial collision caused power lines to come down and send off sparks, which was enough to light all of the aforementioned vehicles on fire.

Fortunately, there were no occupants in any of the six cars during the time of the incident, and no injuries were reported in general. There’s a world in which this story could have been a lot worse, but rescue personnel swiftly responded to the problem and contained the blaze. The area where the cars were parked is adjacent to Silver Oaks Apartments, a complex in Clarkston.

There will likely be other components to this event that will be revealed in the coming days, but anyone living in the area knows that we have experienced some inclement weather during the past couple of weeks. This may have set the stage for what took place outside the apartment building.

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