As with many things in life, it seems as though lessons, warnings, and advice that appear redundant or rudimentary like reminding people to look both ways before crossing a street and using a crosswalk are ignored until there’s a personal connection that hits close to home. It’s only human nature, but a study by non-profit organization PropelATL indicates that these examples are becoming more plentiful among Atlanta-area residents.

PropelATL revealed that pedestrian and cycling accidents nearly doubled year over year from 2020 to 2021. Some of these accidents might be explained by more conservative pandemic behavior in 2020, but the spike in this statistic is an alarming callout.

“In 2021, 31 people were killed while waking, biking or using a wheelchair in Atlanta. That’s a 150% increase from 2020. We surpassed the 2020 number in May of last year,” said PropelATL executive director Rebecca Serna. Via

The group is looking to highlight this disturbing trend and hopes that presenting these statistics serves as motivation to help improve the safety of roads in the greater Atlanta area. It seems like voters are getting the message because over $300 million was approved this spring to update roads and bike lanes.

Brittany Flournoy is one of those people who knows just how chilling an effect an accident can have. She lost two family members four months apart in separate pedestrian accidents. Given the painful experience she and her family have endured, she wants to help drive change in Atlanta.

“Just pay attention. Cars are serious. They’re really not toys. We’re in a rush to go nowhere,” Flournoy said. Via

These shocking statistics have certainly caught the attention of Rafi Law Firm. We’re tracking these figures and are hopeful that the casualty numbers will decrease now in the years to come. Rafi Law Firm also stands ready to assist anyone affected by a motor vehicle accident and can be reached at (404) 800-9933.

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