On the evening of October 9, the driver of a Lincoln town car was headed north in the southbound lanes of Georgia Highway 1. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to anticipate the fear and destruction that happened next.

The town car slammed into a Mazda Miata and Chevrolet Cruze who were both heading south and undoubtedly shocked to see the Lincoln heading in their direction. 

It was initially reported by the Carroll County Board of Commissioners that five cars were involved in the accident, but it was later confirmed that only the three vehicles listed above were present in the wreckage.

The town car and the Cruze caught on fire after their collision, making an already bad situation worse. 

Each car’s only occupants were its respective drivers, but all three died in the incident. The identity of the drivers has not been released to the public, as authorities would first like to notify the victims’ families. 

As one might imagine, this accident caused a major disruption on the roadway. Northbound and southbound lanes were blocked at SR 1 and SR 5 as authorities descended into the area. Drivers had no choice but to take a different route to their destination.

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