Most children and parents have pleasant relationships with school bus drivers. They are usually the first people to greet them each morning, and they maintain a positive disposition to get the day started right for their younger passengers. 

69-year-old Sebastian Ciarcia was driving a school bus the morning of August 5, when the vehicle lost control and swayed into the wrong lane. The bus hit a utility truck then continued to run off the road. The bus hit some trees before ultimately stopping. This took place around 7 a.m. on Logtown Road.

Ciarcia, who had been driving for the Upson County School System for four years, was taken to a hospital and suffered fatal wounds. There were three students on the bus during the time of the horrifying incident. Two of them were taken to the hospital for medical treatment, but are expected to be fine. The third student, as well as the driver and sole occupant of the utility truck, did not need to go to the hospital.

The Superintendent of Upson County Schools, Larry Derico, spoke after the unfortunate incident.

“This tragic loss of one of our drivers is hitting us very hard,” he said. “We have counselors that are going to be available for the students that were involved, as well as for members of our transportation department.” Via WGXA.TV

Toxicology reviews and further investigation into what could have caused the bus to veer off course remain ongoing. Many in the community will be extremely interested to see what type of additional information becomes available, especially to see whether the vehicle or the driver were in some way compromised. 

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